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Re: PC: New Haven Varnish

Most of the ex-NH stainless steel cars that were in Boston area commuter
service retained their NH red-orange paint. Only a very few were repainted
to PC green. I don't know if any coaches went on to Amtrak, but I think a
couple of other ex-NH cars wound up in red/white/blue paint
(grilles,sleepers,diners???). A group of these coaches survived in seasonal
service in 1988-89 on the Cape Cod & Hyannis (Braintree MA - Hyannis MA)
using ex-PC GP-9s (ex-7271,7280, ex-NH 1201, 1210) as well as two other EMD
Geeps for power.

The "American Flyer" type cars remained in service through the PC era in
either the NH black with orange-red stripe scheme (until 1973 at least) or
the PC scheme  of green with white lettering and black roof. I read where
one of these cars remained in service on the T until 1985, but I don't
recall seeing them in service after 1978 or so.


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