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Re[2]: PC: New Haven Varnish

The Paint Shop artical was for the orginal 1938 American Flyer cars, not the
Stainless steel.  The Stainless Steel cars were orginaly deliverd with a green
window stripe in the very late 1940's.  They were repainted in the early to mid
1950's to the red orange color that survived into PC.  Many cars were repainted
green by the PC, but it was lighter in color then the orginal NH green.  Many of
the sleepers ended up on the Long Island RR.  The book "The New Haven Railroad
in the Streamline Era" has many excelent photo's and the dispostion of all the
New Haven Streamline passenger cars and MU cars. The New Haven Railroad
Historical and Technical Assoication web sight is; www.nhrhta.org.

Jim Fellows
Subject: Re: PC: New Haven Varnish
From:    owner-penn-central -AT- prozac.EEAP.CWRU.Edu at INTERNET-PUB
Date:    1/7/99  9:01 AM

Model Railroader ran a Paint Shop article on these cars sometime back in 

>The NH post war American Flyer cars had a black roof, and underbody 
>orange-red window panels. The only exception to this was the State and 
>think Beach series sleepers which had a black roof and underbody. I 
>some of the coaches may have arrived with a dark green window panel 
>was later painted in the orange by the NH, but I would need to double
>check on that.
>Some of these cars were later painted in the PC green, and later still
>some were on Amtrak in the Amtrak scheme. However, not all of the NH 
>were repainted in the PC scheme. I can remember taking the T when I was
>in High School, and riding and seeing many cars still in th NH colors.
>The 1938 smooth sided American Flyer cars spotted several paint and 
>schemes including some in the PC colors. When the NH first received the
>stainless steel cars, some of the older coaches were painted all silver
>to match the others!

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