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Re: PC: New Haven Varnish

Model Railroader ran a Paint Shop article on these cars sometime back in 

>The NH post war American Flyer cars had a black roof, and underbody 
>orange-red window panels. The only exception to this was the State and 
>think Beach series sleepers which had a black roof and underbody. I 
>some of the coaches may have arrived with a dark green window panel 
>was later painted in the orange by the NH, but I would need to double
>check on that.
>Some of these cars were later painted in the PC green, and later still
>some were on Amtrak in the Amtrak scheme. However, not all of the NH 
>were repainted in the PC scheme. I can remember taking the T when I was
>in High School, and riding and seeing many cars still in th NH colors.
>The 1938 smooth sided American Flyer cars spotted several paint and 
>schemes including some in the PC colors. When the NH first received the
>stainless steel cars, some of the older coaches were painted all silver
>to match the others!

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