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PC: Re: Phase of PC GP-30s

  The best that I can tell the ex NYC units were the Phase 1 while the ex
PRR units were the Phase 2 models.  On the left side of the locomotive(the
short hood being the front for purpose of discussion) phase 1 units have 9
handrail stanchions.  On phase 2 units there are only eight stanchions.  The
reason for this is the cab on that phase is extended about a foot on that
side only.  When looking down on the model it is evident.  I read somewhere
that the Union Pacific wanted more room in the cabs and EMD responded with
  If your going to use the Bachman model, it's right for the Pennsy units as
Bachmans model matches the later phase.  I'm not sure what the new life like
model is going to be.
  The ex NYC units lacked dynamic brakes.  There are no louvers in the brake
blister on these units as well.  Looking at a roof shot of these units, it
looks almost like EMD welded a plate over the hole where the dynamic brake
fan would go.  An intresting thing that I've noticed about the ex NYC units
was the difference on horn placement from unit to unit.  I find this sort of
odd as there were only 10 units and they were delived at the same time from
                                Hope this helps
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Subject: PC: Phase of PC GP-30s

>I am considering purchasing a couple of GP-30s in HO scale. Can anyone tell
>me what production phase the ex-PRR and ex-NYC units were, and what the
>identifiers between different phases are?
>Many thanks!

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