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PC: New Haven Varnish


I have bought some Pullman lightweight cars that I am planning on painting
PC.  These are the "second generation" to the American Flier cars (Fluted).
I have looked for a New Haven website for info- but have not found one yet.
Are there any out there?

The kits are old E & B valley cars, the combine is identical to the one on
pg. 13 of the PC Paint guide, and the coach is identical to the one on the
bottom of 21.  Any other info would be helpful as well.  It says (in the
book) that the cars are a mix of NH and PC paint.  I assumed the green
window bands were PC as I thought that NH cars were red.  What is the

Anyone know of a source for old Gloor/Quality Craft kits?

Garrett Rea

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