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Re: PC: What killed PC?

An example of routes Penn Central operated passenger service on that Amtrak
does not is the Buffalo Harrisburg route, whose pair of trains was down to tri
weekly operation and the mail handled by these two trains was removed and put
on piggyback trains. Trains 571 and 574 were the last of a once extensive
service at both ends of this line, which had at least a small commuter service
at both the Buffalo-East Aurora and Harrisburg- Millersburg ends of this line
as shown in some PRR Form 18  timetables from the 1930s. These trains could
have been made viable had there been a management that cared one iota. At
least there may be potential for commuter service at the East Aurora-Buffalo
end with the population. Even so, Penn Central labored under impossible
conditions, many of which combined, killed the railroad and its connecting
lines, in the Northeast. This was aided and abetted by the Government policy
of dismantling the heavy industry of the Northeast and shifting the vital
revenue sources for PC and other lines to the Southeast. With this, I am
surprised that the Northeastern stades did not secede from the Union as this
type of policy was ample grounds for it.

Jim Mancuso

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