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PC: L&HR was What killed PC?

01/05/99 05:52pm >>>
>There is no evidence of PC diverting traffic away from LHR. PC owned 
>the LHR through LV. PC needed the LHR traffic from the LV to reach 
>New England markets from Central PA area.

PC Fans:
Discussing what brought down PC always brings out a lot of diverse
views, but I must attempt to straighten out the record here,
as the above statements are strictly opinion.

First, the PC did not own the L&HR.  There were 5 owners:  PC,
EL, CNJ, RDG, and LV (22%).  If this is incorrect, or if someone has
the % ownerships, please let me know.

Everything I have ever read points to PC looking to close the Maybrook
gateway.   Vol. 12, No. 2 of Flags Diamonds and Statues
( the ARHS publication) includes an excellent article
containing a convention address by Gifford Moore, the last President
of the L&HR.  Among historical aspects of the railroad, he spoke
specifically of how the PC attempted to kill the L&HR and discusses
the issue of the burning of the Poughkeepsie Bridge.

PC, among other railroads, promoted single road service.  After all,
isn't that what mergers should provide?  If it took longer for freight
to go through the Albany area on the way to and from New England,
then so be it, as long as the shippers tolerate it.  I'm not saying
that is the way it should be, just that that is how is was (and is).


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