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Re: PC: What killed PC?

"...And when HEP fails the entire train has no heat or lights where in PC
era every car had it's
own generator. ..."

No, there were no steam generators on PC passenger cars.  The steam for the
steam heat came from a boiler in the locomotive.  When the boiler went out,
or the steam line went out, the heat went out.  As for the electrical
generator/battery system -- they weren't known for reliability at the end
either, and of course electricity did not provide heat or air conditioning
for the cars.

No one who experienced PC passenger service (non-Metroliner) can seriously
maintain that it was better than what Amtrak now provides in terms of
quality of service.  The best that can be said is that Penn Central offered
service over some routes that Amtrak does not now serve because the
Government required it to do so.


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