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Re: PC: What killed PC?

Passenger service will never be as good as it once was. Amtrak cut 
service off to many places thet depended on it and was never replaced.
  PC passenger service was much better despite no heat caused by 
boilers, but when there was steam those cars were warm opposed to 
today's "luke warm" amjunk cars with HEP. And when HEP fails the 
entire train has no heat or lights where in PC era every car had it's 
own generator.

CR can never be a PC. To prove CR has done better, CR would have to 
keep running the entire 44,000 mile system that they cut up to a tiny 
1100 miles. CR was the fed govt whose only job was to cut up the 
railroad and not compete with their interstate highay system. PC had 
many competing lines that CR gave to the trucks. No wonder CR was 
falling appart and needed the merger of CSX and NS to bail them out 
before they collaspe.

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