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Re: PC: What killed PC?

Philip J. Kuhl wrote:
> I think that in our admiration for fallen flag railroads we shouldn't lose
> our sense objectivity.

Thank you, Phil. I'm glad someone finally said it.

We must remember that the whole point of a railroad is to carry
cargo and make money. Unfortunately, our beloved PC couldn't do
either real well. One more in addition to what Phil said: the
railroads of the Northeast suffered also at the hands of a declining
traffic base. The manufacturing industry of the Northeast and the
Midwest was going to pot. Just look at what happened in Pittsburgh
and Youngstown to the steel industry in the 1970's--which hurt both
Erie Lackawanna and Penn Central big time.

So as much as we'd love to see our beloved Penn Central running
widenose AC units today, it's not going to happen. If you want
modern black power, NS will be running black power over Horse Shoe
again [shivers]....


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