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Re: PC: What killed PC?

The problem with CR is it should have been done as two seperate systems,
not one huge monopoly with the D&H made into a joke of a "competitor"...  
One road, be it the EL, the LV, or a combination of EL-LV-RDG-CNJ-L&HR
should have been made the comptetiton for a CR that would more or less be
the PC and whatever other odd pieces were left.

By their accounting the LV made money for one quarter in '75...   and the
EL was only bankrupted by a hurricane...  it would have worked no doubt
long enough for one or both systems to get folded into CSX, NS, CP or
someone else.....

Bill K.

> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: Re: PC: What killed PC?
> Date: Tuesday, January 05, 1999 3:18 PM
> DH was okay 40 years ago as a "Bridge Line", but comming mergers 
> diverted traffic away from DH that it could no longer compete as a 
> Bridge Line, with not much on line revenue.

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