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Re: PC: What killed PC?

> agree with your choice of power the PC would have had. PC did prefer 
> ALCO's and GE's over EMD's.

Did it really? I was under the opposite impression.

Alco was history by 1969.

Close to 500 GP38 locos were purchased vs the U23B 

Far more SD40 and SD45 locos were picked up by PC than the comparable
U-Boat or Century six axles.

GM didn't have a switcher option to compete with the SW1200 or SW1500 that
PC bought scores of to replace aging Alco S1,2,3 & 4 locos.

I only speak to the diesel market of 1968-1976, though.  Had PC survived to
the present day, It would have a mix of power roughly equivalent to what
Conrail has currently.

Nothing PC could do would have saved Alco.  Too bad, since I think Alco had
the best style department of the Loco makers. (With the sole exception of
the GP30 :^)

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