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Re: PC: What killed PC?

It was not PC who eliminated the Maybrook Line, but CR. PC had 
planned to repair the vandalized bridge, but the coming CR had no 
plans to use it, so PC did not waste the money on repairing a bridge 
that would not be used by CR. CR failed to follow the USRA
recommended route to Maybrook via Orangeburg, Suffern, Campbell Hall, 
Kingston which would have served Selkirk as well as New England via 
Poughkeepsie Bridge. If you have a copy of the USRA FSP, look at it. 
It was the govt (CR) who screwed up the system. EL was no better 
either as when I-80 was built in Paterson, the DOT offered to 
reconnect Boonton Line along I-80 corridor which EL accepted but Ex-
DLW management refused the offer. DLW was gone as was the Erie, and 
yet Ex-DLW management still thought DLW was alive. It was DLW 
management who screwed the EL just as PRR/CR management did to PC. 
NYC and the Erie would have been perfect together if they merged. 

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