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Re: PC: What killed PC?

Look how the govt runs passenger trains named Amtrak. They do not 
serve all areas as they are supposed to do. All our taxes to them 
give us minimal yo no service unless you live on the NEC which was 
more busy under PRR-PC then Amtrak.
CR was the freight version of Amtrak. The govt reduced 44,000 miles 
of track ro under 1100 miles and along with this came many layoff's 
of Ex-PC employee's who were never able to seek that type work or 
saleries again. Yes, the govt should have funded PC as they do the 
airlines. Imagine how profitable an airline or truck company would be 
if they had to pay and do maintenance and pay taxes to their own 
runways and roadways? PC was the best railroad ever. Too bad the govt 
dismantled it as they did the O&W, NY Westchester & Boston, etc. I 
agree with your choice of power the PC would have had. PC did prefer 
ALCO's and GE's over EMD's.Yes, the same thing happened to THE ROCK 
in 1980.

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