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Re: PC: What killed PC?

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I guess you and I do agree. Their was no hope for Northeastern 
Railroading in the form that it was in. Even after Conrail took over 
everything they still could not get there house in order and stop the 
massive losses until after the Stagers Act gave them the freedom 
need to really try and be competive in todays business world. 
I have been out working for the BN for 20 years now, hard to believe 
how fast time has gone by. Henry Frick and I where talking about 
that the other night when we where both working 3rd trick. In that 
time Conrail has put together a working railroad. Once they got 
there house in order and the Stagers Act they had to make money, 
they where the only game in town. Now with the break up is 
coming about it will be interesting to see how compeatation is 
handled in the Northeast. The little D&H never had a chance. 
Where they did do something to really give CR some compeatation 
they where shut down real quick by Conrail.

> Bob: I have The Fallen Collossus and have read it. I would love to read the
> book, No Way to Run a Railroad, which I am not sure that my library system
> even has. One conclusion that I drew was that this, perhaps was an example of
> a merger that never should have been allowed in the first place. Add
> incompatible operating departments to the mix, and   one has a caudron of
> reasons why the Penn Central could not possibly work. The books you recommend
> pretty much say it all.
> Jim Mancuso

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