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Re: PC: What killed PC?

CR the worst??

Look at what Conrail had to work with!  EL, LV, PC et all-  all dead and
dying.  EL was appraised at LESS than scrap value according to an article in
Trains just prior to the merger!!  They (CR) droped the redundant stuff, did
what the ICC did not let the others do, and become a viable company.
Stockholders don't care about branches and ALCOs.   Look at a 1968 Ohio map-
NYC and PRR served most every town in the State- why keep all of the
redundant trackage??

As a historic loss- PC and its compeditors in the NE is sad- but it is all
in the price of progress and the quest for paper and iron, and numbers from
red to black.

Ah- but what a sight worms would be today!!



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