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Re: PC: GP-38 modeling...

   Actually, Jerry, you are the only one who actually answered my
question.  It seems that so many people go off on a tangent when it
comes to modeling questions.
   As I said before, it is quite obvious that this is not a "standard"
GP-38.  However, the box it came in states it as such.  I refuse to
paint the model in anything other than PC.  Therefore, I am going to
"bash the brass".  I already deemed that the stacks were too high and
removed them all.  I plan on adding new stacks, dynamic brake blisters
and fan to the model.  I thought about keeping the model non-dynamic,
but found that modeling the built out windshield would create too much
"strange" work.  I would have to build extra roof overhangs out front.
Anyway, the purpose for these non-dynamic units was not exactly clear.
Were they used as switchers or were they used for transfer work?  All of
the above?  I think I would rather have a road service unit so I think
the bash is the way to go.  Thanks for the
help...                                           -Gregg

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