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Re: PC: What killed PC?

> From:          KenRJR -AT- webtv.net (Kenneth Roble, Jr.)
> Date:          Tue, 5 Jan 1999 15:09:29 -0500 (EST)
> To:            penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject:       Re: PC: What killed PC?

>          I wish NS and CSX would leave Conrail alone. Don't those roads
> think they're big enough already? They're to money hungery.
> The Conrail heritage is history it seems. 
>  Ken R JR

	It all began on a cold winter's day when certain Conrail Execs
	attempted to wrest a part of the new Union Pacific in the
	Southwest when UP took SP. That didn't work. CR was
	profitable, but was standing alone and subject to takeovers
	in the future. They decided to attempt a merger with CSX
	just like NYC before them had attempted a merger with 
	C&O. That didn't work back then and PC was born. (See
	how sneakily I brought PC into this.)

	CR thought that is stood a better chance with CSX rather
	than with NS. Now, NS would never stand for that and
	CSX was rather cool to having NS on their back, so they agreed
	to the merger and promptly made another agreement to let
	NS have a large share. Mostly the old PRR properties while
	CSX got the old NYC properties making both railroad much
	bigger than they were.

	Now, in answer to your question, no, I guess that you can
	never be too big. At least that's what CSX, NS and UP think.
	But their is a bright heritage side to this. The mergers that
	should have happened before the forming of PC is happening
	now. Only the southern lines are in control rather than the 
	northern ones.

	I'll miss CR, too.  <wiping a tear from his eye>


Roger Hensley
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