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PC: Well Flat Car color question. (Recap)

Terry Link writes:

> If you are looking for car #499086, then this is a one of a kind car.  It's
> the only car in Lot #809-F built in 1951 by Greenville.  

and Ken McCorry writes:

> OK we now have a number. 499086 65'10'' length 260,000 lbs. capy 1 car in the
> class. 2 six wheel trucks. This car looks like a one of a kind it lists
> seperate data and exceptions for the one number series.

Exactly.  I had my wires crossed when I wrote about a six-twelve car
series.  The 11/76 RMC article I am using for my construction project 
lists only the one NYC number.  The photos of the NYC car also appears to
be a builder's photo, so it was probably taken closer to 1951 than the 1976
publication date of the magazine. 

> Nowhere in my
> collection can I locate a photo of this car and I don't have a photo
> reference to any book published.  :-(

The only photo I have is the broadside of this car in the RMC article I am
using.  If you (or anyone) would like a copy, I can scan it and send it to
you. (No copyright problems here, since I think this falls under the "Fair
Use" principle... I am doing research and can use the image to look for
more data)

Terry then adds:

> Now if #768040 is the correct renumbered car - It is listed a PC #768040 in
> 1988, then is listed as Conrail  #768040 in 1989 - but is not listed in a
> 1993 ORER at all.

Further, and in separate e-mail...

Lon Godshall notes:

> A 1974 ORER shows the car still as NYC #499086.
> It may have been renumbered PC #768040 since it's the only car I have listed
> in a 1979 ORER that matches in all dimensions.

So it would appear that this car was renumbered between 1974 and 1979.
It also appears as if it was still around up to 1988, but off the roster or
renumbered by 1993.  I think it's a good bet that NYC 499086 was renumbered
to PC 768040 since dimensions like that are pretty unique.

So...  One might assume that a renumbering to PC might also indicate a
complete repaint to PC green.  Fair enough.  However, the B&W photo in the
RMC article really has my interest raised to the possibility that the car
may have been painted in Pacemaker red and grey.  If this was the case,
then I am leaning toward applying that paint scheme to this car merely for
the visual impact.  It's a one of a kind car, both in real life and on my
layout, so it would be nice for it to stand out from the hoards of
Deepwater green rolling stock already present.  :^)

Thanks greatly to all those that have spent their time and energy looking
up this information.  It is greatly appreciated!

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