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PC: Re: Car color question.

Theres a picture of an ex-NYC well hole car in PC paint #768024 on page 92
of Morning Sun PC Color Guide to Freight and Pass.

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Date: Monday, January 04, 1999 3:26 PM
Subject: PC: Car color question.

>I have a question for anyone out there willing to help me.  The only
>qualification is that you have access to an Equipment Register or two.
>Did any of the NYC 62-6" well hole flat cars make it into PC paint?
>These cars were ex-NYC 4990xx, lot 809-F.  If they made it to PC, they
>would be in the 700000 series somewhere.
>Also, if there are any super NYC fans that we havn't pissed off yet,
>when these cars were in NYC paint, what color were they?
>Thanks in advance!
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