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Re: PC: Ex-PRR & NYC diesels

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>That is all true about the NYC having the flat "Water-Level Route", but my
>question is, what kind of loco's did the NYC use in its later years, and PC
>its early years, on the former New York Central Adirondack Division, which
>downgraded to the Adirondack Branch by the time PC was created?

Watching a video tape from the CNY chapter of the NRHS entitled 'New York
Central Memories' shows an excursion train operating on the line with a
E8A-E7B-E8A consist.

Appears to be travelling at a decent speed.  Date was September 25, 1965.
Very long train - about 20 coaches !  May have been the last NYC passenger
train on the line.

These large units were definitely not regular power on this line, ever!
Believe RS2/RS3s were the common power.

Terry Link
Bramalea, Ontario
TRLINK -AT- netcom.ca

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