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PC: Re: Loco Locale- 4 vs 6 axle-

If memory serves correctly, the primary issue on dispatching ex-NYC and
ex-PRR locomotives over the "wrong" line was an issue of cab signal
compatibility, with this being an issue mostly for the former PRR lines.  A
forner NYC or NH unit could trail a former PRR unit there, but could not be
the lead unit.

Passenger cars, however, did not have this problem and could be and were
dispatched anywhere on the system.   Rumor had it (and understand that I'm
coming from former NYC areas and have ardent Green Team prejudices!) that
the former PRR folk in Philadelphia saw to it that the best passenger
equipment --NYC, PRR, or whatever-- was transferred for former PRR passenger
runs and the worst equipment assigned to the NYC runs.  My personal
eperience on Empire Service trains in PC days suggests this was not so -- I
NEVER saw PRR passenger equipment on those runs through 1972.  One did see
the odd PRR car on through New York-Chicago trains via the old NYC line but
even there most of the equipment was former NYC; in my few forays into
former PRR territory I never saw former NYC passenger cars, only ex-PRR and
ex-NH on New York-Washington DC service.


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