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Re: PC: Ex-PRR & NYC diesels

I had the priveledge of seeing some slides shot by a NYC conductor or
brakeman on the Adarondack division in the 50's.  Power on a through train
was an ABBA set of Alco FA2's.  Local power included RS2/3's and smaller
units; other slides were shot from an EMD SW1 cab.  All pictures I have
seen of upstate NY locals in the late NYC and PC era show either RS2/3's or
sometimes RS11's or RS32's (though these were out of Geneva or on the
Montreal Secondary).  By then many of these lines were so overgrown they
looked abandoned untill the RS3 showed up with a handful of cars -

The first RS3 bought by the NYC, 8223, is restored and operates on the
Adarondack RR today.  

NYC apparently used the GP7 and GP9 units in other places than upstate NY,
although they were probably considered decent road power through most of
the 60's - NYC reports showed EMD's to be the cheapest locomotives to
maintain and operate, followed by Alco's, Baldwins and FM's.

Bill K.

> From: Terry Link <trlink -AT- netcom.ca>
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> Subject: Re: PC: Ex-PRR & NYC diesels
> Date: Saturday, January 02, 1999 9:33 PM
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> >That is all true about the NYC having the flat "Water-Level Route", but
> >question is, what kind of loco's did the NYC use in its later years, and
> in
> >its early years, on the former New York Central Adirondack Division,
> was
> >downgraded to the Adirondack Branch by the time PC was created?
> >
> Watching a video tape from the CNY chapter of the NRHS entitled 'New York
> Central Memories' shows an excursion train operating on the line with a
> E8A-E7B-E8A consist.
> Appears to be travelling at a decent speed.  Date was September 25, 1965.
> Very long train - about 20 coaches !  May have been the last NYC
> train on the line.
> These large units were definitely not regular power on this line, ever!
> Believe RS2/RS3s were the common power.
> Terry Link
> Bramalea, Ontario
> TRLINK -AT- netcom.ca

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