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Re: PC: Ex-PRR & NYC diesels

That is all true about the NYC having the flat "Water-Level Route", but my
question is, what kind of loco's did the NYC use in its later years, and PC in
its early years, on the former New York Central Adirondack Division, which was
downgraded to the Adirondack Branch by the time PC was created?  

'Till this day, that line runs through the heart of Northern New York State's
Adirondack Mountains, which is known for its tough railroad grades and harsh
winters, both things the New York Central and Penn Central had to deal with on
that line.  New York Central had discontinued passenger service on that line
in 1965, and in August of 1972, Penn Central abandoned the 118 mile line,
which still runs from Utica, NY to Lake Placid, NY.  Does anyone know what
kind of diesels the NYC ran (in its later years), and PC ran on this line?
The loco type would have also depended on how long the freights were by the
mid-1960s to the early 1970s, because if they were short freights, it's
probable RS-3's would have been used, but if the freights were of descent
size, some higher horsepower motive power would have had to have been used.
Anyone know what was used on this line by then?  A good look at the grades
along that line, and one can see how opposite it is from the old NYC main, the
"Water-Level Route."

John W.

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