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PC: ADMIN: Two things


I leave for two days and the list starts going to pot....

Two things I ask: First, please don't discuss the "steam-diesel"
stuff anymore, as it is irrelevant. Mr. Norman (who started with the
flames) has been removed. Usually I don't remove people manually,
as I think that if you can figure out how to get on the list, you can
figure out how to get off, but in this case he annoyed me one too many

Also, I did not see any Viagara message from the list in my mailbox.
If it did go to the list, please forward a copy of it (with full
headers) to me at jer -AT- smellycat.com, and I'll make sure whoever did
it gets nailed to the wall.

Now back to our regularly scheduled PC programming...

PC Listmaster

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