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PC: Loco Locale- 4 vs 6 axle-

Loco locale- four and six axle-

How often did these locos stay in their old haunts?  From what I have seen
ex-PRR stayed on PRR- NYC same, etc.  How often (if ever) would say- an ex
NH ALCO end up in Chicago for example??  I would imagine, and what I have
seen in Conrail Power #2 most oddball stuff stayed where it could be handled
(shops).  I have seen the odd one now and again (photo of a PC train with an
ALCO 630 (PRR) with an ALCO FB (NYC) behind (I think it was a coal or ore
drag shot in PA on ex-PRR) but this is the only one that comes to mind.

Were passenger cars dispatched the same way (from PC guide I would say not)
and how quickly did these get re-lettered PC?  Not just the three founding
roads but what about purchased ex- L&N, C&EI, UP, etc cars??  My father can
remember PC passenger trains in Ohio with L&N varnish in them (e-mail us
with dates dad!), no where near the Southwind's normal run either, Central
Ohio!!  Also, in the PC color guide is a photo of a PC diner coupled to an
L&N car in Louisville, KY.  Help me, as I was born on the coat tails of
Amtrak- (1972) so my first hand passenger train knowledge is red, white, and

The viagra item did not get to me, it must have been limited in nature...


Garrett Rea

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