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PC: Good to be back-


Good to be back after a week out.  Got to do a bit of shopping and Father
Christmas was good to me as well.  Visited a few layouts and meet people as

Was told by two Stewart dealers that after some hitches, the 628 is due in a
month or two.  Hope the PRR painted version is among the first, PC to be
done later (I have been told).  Trip to the shops included the new Proto
boxcars, had one in hand, but did not buy, bought RPP SD40 shell and frame
instead.  I also scored some Bowser cars at $5 each that could not be passed
up at that price.  Got some very old O scale PC decals, black, anyone wants
them contact me. The best comment was from one shop that had some PC pins-
when I commented on them he said "Yep, PC has become vogue now".  Vogue, not
the term I would use as when I hear the word I have a mental image of the
Madonna video......

On PRR talk-  Bob Ried is alive and well, good to hear.

Did some tank car research, thanks to all for responses as well.  Saw the
walthers cars, and the big Atlas ones are 60's cars too for the most part.
Walthers has some tank car decals too, just need to find out on dates for

Anyone have a quality craft Flexi-van they wanna part with (unbuilt)???

Garrett Rea

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