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PC: Re: Nashville "PC" E units

Thanks for the info-

Most of the BN units are "gone" from the yard in Nashville.  During the ice
storm we had down here just prior to Christmas I heard A LOT of trains
running from the house including horn sounds that were not familiar to me,
so this could have been the BN units.  A trip to Lebanon and they may show

You and I must have different informants as far as TC-  I was told that the
prime mover of one of the NYC units went down even!!!  This is why they use
three units for their train.  The fella that told me that was tied with the
museum.  I hope that he is wrong, as I do love to watch these units go by-
I have wanted to photograph the NYC units as they return to Nashville, but
have never caught them- heard them (blat-blat), but never caught them.  Just
don't go back to the N&E GE units!!

Garrett Rea
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Date: Monday, December 28, 1998 3:02 PM
Subject: PC: Nashville "PC" E units

>I was wrong. NYC painted E units 4068 and 4080 at the Tennessee Central
>Railway Museum are former NYC units. These privately owned units are now
>running well; they had a few bugs when they first arrived in Nashville
>because they had been stored. TC Musuem 5764 is a former PRR unit.
>6902 at the Broadway Dinner Train is the former NYC 4084. It came to the
>dinner train from the New Georgia Railroad to replace 5764 which went to
>the Museum.
>The four BN units are moving around. Nashville and Eastern is using them
>for freight service.
>Nashville now has eight E units, and has had ten in the last few years.
>(Two units used on the Tennessee 200 train recently went west.)
>On an unrelated note, the movie "Runaway Train" has quite a few technical
>errors relating to the way MU'ed locomotives operate. The people on the
>train can't get to the lead unit (I guess they can't figure out the door
>on the front of the 2nd unit, an F) and are trying to stop the train. In
>the movie (unlike real life) they cannot kill the consist without getting
>to the front unit. In the movie, even the emergency fuel kill switch
>doesn't work. Then again it may be a bad movie, but at least it is a bad
>movie with trains.
>Bryan Turner
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