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Re: PC: Pure Crap Steam Boy

I usualy don't like to get into statements like the "if the railroads
had kept steam they would still be---blah, blah, blah!!  There was NO
chance that the railroads would be here today, except maybe as
Government wards, if they had held the statice quo period.

Orville Ingram
"Craig E. Hatter" <ns4610 -AT- bluegrass.net> wrote:
> It's great to see another PRR steam modeler sound off. This is the
> bunch that says if they had kept steam the railroad would still be
> What a bunch of maroons. I love to watch these guys run crappy brass
> PRR models at the GATS shows. They keep  asking why won't they stay
on the
> track?
> Key words:Steam and Crappy. You name almost any RR if you have the
first 2
> ingredients.
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