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Re: PC: gp-38

Jejunabra -AT- aol.com wrote:
> As far as I know only the Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines had GP38s
> without dynamic brakes. Every GP38 and GP38-2 on Penn Central proper came
> equipped with dynamic brakes. The Dash2s all had the extended range dynamic
> brakes. I hope this helps.

>From the Diesel Era article (Sep/Oct 1997) on PC and CR GP38/GP38-2's:

PRSL GP38's 2000-2014 became CR 7660-7674. They were renumbered into
CR just below the first PC GP38 at 7675. Currently, the last 5,
7670-7674 are still in service on Conrail. (Matter of fact, I sometimes
see one of them it passing my house on a local. I think it's the 7670.)

All CR GP38s in the 7747-7867 range are no longer on the roster--most
were retired around 1984-85 and sent to new homes, probably because
their lease was up.

Info from other sources:

PC, later CR, GP38-2's 7940-8039 were leased from EMD, and when their
leases expired, EMD took them back for their lease fleet, even though
CR wanted to renew their lease. They became EMD 740-839, and wore
(probably still wear) CR blue paint with GM emblems under the radiators.
Most often they were seen out west.

There were a couple of GP38s built for PC or CR that had no dynamic
brakes that were built for special service out of Conway, I believe
for steel mill transfers or something. I know I've seen pictures
of the units--I think there were only 2 or 3--but I can't remember
where I saw them at. If anyone has seen them, please speak up, because
I know I've seen them and I can't find what book the pictures were in
and it's driving me nuts....

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