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PC: RR of Madison Cty changes


   I've added a new feature to my Railroads of Madison County
   (Indiana) web site.

   I've taken selected Slides from the computer slide show that
   I use at N.M.R.A. Meets, and  (in the original form of
   800x600 GIFs) as Wallpaper on my computer. This site isn't
   just a history of local railroads (although it is that), I
   have tried to keep it up to date as well. You can see that
   from the slides/screens that I have chosen as a test.

   BNSF 4725 - VERY fresh from the Paint Shop w/out nose herald
   or long hood lettering
   BNSF 727- Santa Fe Warbonnet fresh from the paint shop
   CI_CIW - Central Indiana #1 (SW1) and CIW 88 (SW7)
   CR 4131 - Conrail SD70MAC at dusk and dawn
   CR 80091 - Conrail Scale Test Car on the Emporia Secondary
          [Soon to go to CSX]
   CRITTER - 30 Ton Plymouth at 'End of Track'
   ICRK - Indian Creek RR Alco RS11 near Frankton Indiana
   NKP_ALEX - NKP 587 (2-8-2 Mikado) and N&W 611 (4-8-4 Class J)
   PRR_2 - Two from the Pennsy. 
          The Anderson Station and E8A 4257
   SPERRY - Sperry Rail Car 119 ties up in downtown Anderson
   SUNSET - Sunset of Conrail August 21, 1998 (C40-8W 6216)
   TRK_WORK - Track Work Then and Now (100 years later)


Roger Hensley - 
   00rphensley -AT- bsuvc.bsu.edu - rhensley@anderson.cioe.com
=== http://bsuvc.bsu.edu/~00rphensley/cidwelco.html ================
=== The Railroads of Madison County, Indiana =======================

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