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Re: PC: LV/tandem control stands

Lehigh Valley had 4 GP38AC's which are all in service and slated to go to
they were basic models with the only real options being dynamic brakes. 
They did not have a tandem control stand - the only units to have this were
a few PC 38's for specific services, a number of PR-SL GP38's and the 5 RDG
SD45's.  (Anyone know why these SD45's had that feature?)  These are the
only GP38AC's on Conrail and are lumped in with the other GP38's as
7656-7659 despite being internally more or less a dash-2.

The LV also had 12 GP38-2's which are now CP rail property (with the
excetion of 2 lost to wrecks) after going to the D&H on C-day.

hmm, if they called the start of Conrail "C-day" is the end of Conrail

> From: james koo <l740 -AT- hotmail.com>
> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: Re: PC: Re: PC/TPW power pool
> Date: Wednesday, November 25, 1998 1:59 PM
> Dear List Members,
> Of all the ConRail predecessors, didn't only the Lehigh Valley(LV)  
> have the GP-38AC?  I believe that the LV GP-38ACs had the extended cab 
> front wall.  Unfortunately, I don't have the Conrail Motive Power 
> Review by Paul Withers, or Conrail, volume 1 or 2, by Scott Hartly on    
> me.  Ditto for the Conrail Motive Power Review by Louis Marre, which
> may also prove useful.  Thank you. 
>                                         Sincerely,
>                                         James Koo                        

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