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Re: PC: Re: PC/TPW power pool

At 11:20 AM 11/25/98 EST, you wrote:
>In a message dated 11/24/98 6:33:47 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>pontiac -AT- dreamscape.com writes:
><< Also, the extended cab wall is for a specific type of dual control where
> the two stands are linked to each other (The "Tandem" control stand) such
> that you can change sides without changing any settings, aimed at switching
> and back-and-forth type service.   only a few units ever had this, about 10
> on PC, 10 PR-SL and 5 RDG SD45's that I know of, whereas other roads such
> as EL had dual-control units that did not have this extended cab front and
> required more work to set them up for running opposite-end forward.
>  >>
>A question,
>    Did the PC's GP38AC's have the extended cab front wall as well?
>    Bob D.
>    Conrailbob -AT- aol.com
>The PC didn't have any GP-38AC's, they were standard 38's with paper
air filters.


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