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Re: PC: Re: PC/TPW power pool

In a message dated 11/24/98 6:33:47 PM Eastern Standard Time,
pontiac -AT- dreamscape.com writes:

<< Also, the extended cab wall is for a specific type of dual control where
 the two stands are linked to each other (The "Tandem" control stand) such
 that you can change sides without changing any settings, aimed at switching
 and back-and-forth type service.   only a few units ever had this, about 10
 on PC, 10 PR-SL and 5 RDG SD45's that I know of, whereas other roads such
 as EL had dual-control units that did not have this extended cab front and
 required more work to set them up for running opposite-end forward.
A question,

    Did the PC's GP38AC's have the extended cab front wall as well?

    Bob D.
    Conrailbob -AT- aol.com

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