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PC: Re: E7`s

Penn Central Power by Yanosey has a Picture of 4006.  This unit has the
small number boards.  It suffers from the PC "splotch-out" paint scheme.
The photo is dated 6-70.
  As Far as I can tell NYC units 4000-4007 came with the small number
boards.  All of these units made it into PC and retained their NYC numbers.
4003 was wrecked sometime in the '50s and was sent back to EMD for a
rebuild.  It came back in an E8 car body but still was and E7 under the
skin.  4004 was retired by PC in 1968.
  I.m not sure about the Pennsy units.  My PRR books are on loan to some one
right now.  Hope this helps
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From: Kevin Lehman <KEVINLEHMAN -AT- webtv.net>
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Date: Tuesday, November 24, 1998 9:37 PM
Subject: PC: E7`s

Did any E7`s with flat number boards make it to Penn Central? If so what
road numbers and did they get painted to Penn Central`s scheme? I know
that NYC had some but don`t know if they made it to PC or not. Does
anyone have any pictures or know where there is on internet?

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