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Re: PC: Re: PC/TPW power pool

8014 is either GP38 or GP38-2.   Conrail let a lot of these units go when
the leases ended, so it may not be on the roster.  That LV U-boat got
around, too - noses were tiger-striped and got painted solid black by
Conrail.  2744 is an ex=PC unit of the same number.

C424 801 still exists on the Morristown & Erie in northern New Jersey (!) -

like I said, you'll probably be safe with most any 4-axle locos that were
in general pool service on PC, which is probably anything made after 1962
or so.  I don't think RS11's and GP9's would have been, but hey I wasn't
born untill 1974 so I;m going on logic and what pictures I've seen.

> From: KPMF16 -AT- aol.com
> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: Re: PC: Re: PC/TPW power pool
> Date: Tuesday, November 24, 1998 2:47 PM
> Thanks to Bill K. and James Koo,
> CR#2781 is still in LV red in the picture.  I can tell from another shot
> the same train on pg.26 that it's still in original paint although the
> is in blk. and white.  The LV lettering on the long hood appears to be
> through and the nose of the low hood is a solid, lighter color.  The
train is
> led by TPW #801, an Alco C424 with 2781 and 2744, in Conrail blue,
> I looked up #8014 in the PC roster but it must be a CR #.  #8014 still in
> PC paint appears to be a GP38.  Can anyone tell me if this is correct?  
> If you're wondering why all the interest, my model RR in part represents
> Peoria area with BN, TPW, and P&PU represented at present.  This gives me
> another way to model some more PC equipment.
> Ken Thompson

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