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Re: PC: Re: PC/TPW power pool

Thanks to Bill K. and James Koo,

CR#2781 is still in LV red in the picture.  I can tell from another shot of
the same train on pg.26 that it's still in original paint although the picture
is in blk. and white.  The LV lettering on the long hood appears to be fading
through and the nose of the low hood is a solid, lighter color.  The train is
led by TPW #801, an Alco C424 with 2781 and 2744, in Conrail blue, following.
I looked up #8014 in the PC roster but it must be a CR #.  #8014 still in full
PC paint appears to be a GP38.  Can anyone tell me if this is correct?  
If you're wondering why all the interest, my model RR in part represents the
Peoria area with BN, TPW, and P&PU represented at present.  This gives me
another way to model some more PC equipment.

Ken Thompson

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