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Re: PC: PC's Panhandle Line Branches

>I grew up along the PRR's and later the PC's Pittsburgh--St. Louis 
mainline, the Panhandle, where the line crosses the Northern Panhandle 
of West Virginia.  Unfortuately, I was too young to photograph much of 
anything before CR, and have a particular interest in not only the 
mainline action there between Pittsburgh and Newark, Ohio, but also the 
railroad's branches up and down the Ohio River there: <snip>

I don't know too much about the Ohio, but I'll try. Anyway, what I 
remember is that the PC/PRR cut into the North Side of Pittsburgh 
through a huge tunnel/cut in the middle of a park.  From there,  the 
trains ran on an elevated right-of-way to the Panhandle bridge (?) to 
the station in the Strip District. I remember more about the station 
than anything else.
It was basically, a mess! Before CR, not much remained of its former 
glory.  Most of the masonry was covered in black soot from the 
mills...I'd go on, but I'm straying from the message.

Back to the Ohio. PC/PRR/B&O/etc...used to have multi-track main lines 
on one side of the river (the side with the huge hill next to it).  Most 
of the signals are still standing, however, the towers are closed.

Hope this helps.
--Chris Osterhus
Central Penn Station

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