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PC: PC's Panhandle Line Branches

Hello folks,

I grew up along the PRR's and later the PC's Pittsburgh--St. Louis mainline, the Panhandle, where the line crosses the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia.  Unfortuately, I was too young to photograph much of anything before CR, and have a particular interest in not only the mainline action there between Pittsburgh and Newark, Ohio, but also the railroad's branches up and down the Ohio River there:  i.e. the Weirton, W.Va. -- Chester, W.Va. line; the Weirton -- Wheeling, W.Va. line, the Mingo Jct., Ohio -- Omal, Ohio line, and what was called the Terminal Branch:  Martin's Ferry, Ohio -- Wheeling, W.Va. via the Terminal Bridge over the Ohio River.  If any of you are willing to share information about those lines, I'd appreciate it.  Also I'm looking for photos of the area from late PRR days through early CR.

I do remember Alcos pulling ore trains from Mingo to Weirton, bound for Weirton Steel.  Also got to ride a GP-9 around the yard at Weirton in 1974, due to the courtesy of a retired PC neighbor and his still-working engineer buddies.  It was once a busy place, but now a mere shadow of what once was.

Thanks for your help.
Scott West   2545 White Chapel Rd.  Lancaster, VA 22503  or     saw64 -AT- rivnet. net

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