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Re: PC: From the NS takeover updates:

At 10:03 AM 11/21/98 -0500, penn-central -AT- smellycat.com wrote:
>>Odd that PC is so small, perhaps because it was only around and solvent for
>>such a short time?
>>Bill K. 


   PC did a lot of hiring in the Cleveland area during the early 70's in
both train and engine service, as well as clerks, tower operators, car
dept., etc. What happened here was a significant cutback of low-seniority PC
hires following Conrail's startup when (more senior) Erie-Lackawanna
personnel bumped onto the rosters as opposed to taking a buyout when their
districts were eliminated during the re-structure. I suspect this probably
was the case system-wide, although 82 does seem like an awfully small number
of PC people to have made it to April '76.

Bob Rothrock

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