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Re: PC: Re: Power Pools/Boston Local Power

PC also used single SW1500s (9520-32,9559 series), SW900s, ex-NH SW1200s,
and at least until Dec 1975, SW-1s (8413,8416,8439, and 8440) in Boston
local freight service and at South Station switching passenger cars. Also,
on south of Boston freights, ex-NH GP-9s in the 7271-7298 series. 7280 was
the yard switcher in Braintree for most of 1975 and up until late1976. 729x
series tended to be in yard switching service in Readville. I have a
picture of a local at Franklin MA in Feb 1975 with an SW1500-GP9-SW1500
power set (9519-7281-9523). Never saw two SW1500s together other than that.

Road power out of Braintree MA were U25Bs. Just after the CR merger, there
was a bit more variety (almost exclusively PC GE Bs until Sept 76, mostly
U23Bs, U25Bs, U30Bs and U33Bs) I have a picture of a GP38, 3 GP38-2, and a
U23B power set in May '76, the only time I saw EMD road power there.

E8s in the 4252-4268 series were used in west of Boston commuter service.
Ex-NH GP-9s in the 7530-7559 series were used on the other lines.
Conversely, I have a picture of 7549 in freight service in 1975 or 1976.
Never was able to figure out why.

I don't recall seeing any RS-3s or other Alcos around Boston after 1973.

Sorry for all the trivia.


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