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PC: Re: (erielack) Power Sharing

From:          Hoyle Stephen J <SHOYLE -AT- MSHA.gov>
To:            "'el'" <erielack -AT- internexus.net>
Subject:       (erielack) Power Sharing
Date:          Wed, 18 Nov 1998 08:52:00 -0500
One more thing from the EL list concerning PC power.
Bob Stafford

Good Morning:

Just one more thing re Penn Central GP30s (before the hookerman comes and
takes this thread away!).

PC rostered 62 GP30s; 10 from the NYC and 52 from the PRR.

Former NYC units carried #s 2188-2197 and ex PRR units carried #s 2198-2249.

The PCs GP30s were scattered around the system at Collinwood, Enola,
Morrisville, Dewitt and Providence.   So it's hard to tell where they might
have shown up with EL power.

As one list member mentioned, the NYC units were built w/o dynamic brakes.
An EMD builder's photo in my collection shows the d/b "hump" on the GP30 to
be blanked out with sheet metal.

For modelers, three good sources of pictorial information on PC GP30s
W.D. Edson, et al. Diesel Locomotives of the New York Central System (1978)
John D. Hahn.  Pennsylvania Railroad Diesel Locomotive Pictorial, vol. 3 -
2d Generation EMD Road Switchers (1996)
Robert H. Reid.  Penn Central Bi-Annual (1974)

Hope this helps - now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

work safe

Steve Hoyle

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