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PC RS11 Article (was: PC: Pd3000 from Overland)

> Just an FYI for listers that may not have seen this.  Overland has an ad on
> page 19 of the Dec.98 RMC featuring Pd3000 covered hoppers.  One of the
> featured models is a Penn Central.

Seen this.  The latest Model Railroading has an RS11 modeling article
written by ex-Penn Central modeller Jim Six.  The article has a lot of good
photos, both model and prototype.  However, what I found most interesting
was Mr. Six's commentary on Penn Central modeling and modelers in general.
He made reference to the apparent rise in interest of PC, and of the many
requests he has gotten for PC modeling articles. 

My take on this "change of heart" is the age of the people modelling. Many
newcomers don't have the direct recollection of PC as the railroad that
killed the (PRR/NYC/NH/all of the above) railroad. I'm talking about the 30
and 40 something guys out there.  The teens and 20 year olds are all post
Conrail vintage, and don't know that Conrail was the railroad that killed 
(PC/L&HR/LV/CNJ/EL/RDG/all of the above)  :^)

Are you on our list, Jim?

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