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PC: Penn/New York Central X68

  Back on April Fool's Day 1997, I spotted PC 264627, one of the few remaining
X68 class box cars still in Penn Central colors.  I later wrote a brief
description of the car and eventually had a JPG made from the slide I'd shot,
then sent a copy to the Penn Central Home Page.  That image and the short text
describing it can be found by following the "Photos" link at:


  About a month ago, I saw the very same car once again passing through the
BNSF's Clyde Yard in Cicero, Illinois.  In the slide I shot on 14 October
1998, the car is in almost the exact same spot as it is in the earlier
photograph, though seen from a slightly steeper angle.  Also, the opposite
(left) side of the car now faces me, standing at my vantage point on the
bridge above - those same 3 cleaner roof panels are thus on the more distant
half of the car.

  However, from this point of view, most of the distinctive characteristics of
the car are still evident: the Despatch end and roof, the uncommon 4 panel
sliding door with the unusually broad horizontal framing members, and of
course, the Penn Central green paint job with the slanted PC-style slanted
lettering and large "worm" logo.

  One notable difference:  the PC reporting marks on PC car number 264627 have
been covered with a rectangular sticker bearing the letters NYC.

    Tom Jelinek
    Bx39crle -AT- aol.com

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