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PC: newsletter/publication

Hi fellas,
  I agree that the formation of the PCHS is the first step.  Some things
that need to be resolved and implemented swiftly after the society is formed
are, a slate of officers and committee chairpeople, establishment of a
treasury and the newsletter/publication.
  Having been or currently a member of various organizations( a model train
club, college fraternity, VFW and NFIB) it is a difficult task during a
gathering to get a group of people to agree on anything, especially when
there is no physical object to use as a reference point.
  This is why I've asked for input to the newsletter.  Actually I was more
intrested in the format and style of the newsletter than the name, but the
name is part of it too.
  My thinking on this was to have a couple of rough draft/ preproduction
samples of the most popular newsletter suggestions with production cost
estimates when we got together in the near future to sign the PCHS into
being.  There is alot of ground to cover in the formation of the PCHS and I
was wanting to make the newsletter part of it move as swiftly as possible so
we could channel our energies into other things.
                                             Just my opinion

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