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Re: PC: News letter

PC DISPATCH does sound okay with me. It get's the "geographical: question
answered. The gang has responded that anything with "worms" just wouldn't
cut it with the civilized folk. 

As far as the far-flung nature of the PC was concerned, DISPATCH does
connote a wide-spread railroad. As of now, unless something better comes
up, I;d go with it!!

ALTHOUGH....  If we step back in time, and remember all of the railroads
that the PC took on, and how the freight was sent over those lines as time
progressed, we might not conjure up DISPATCH  as the first word that came
to mind.  Maybe the question is more of "HOW" we want the PC to be
remembered as opposed to "HOW"  it really was?       I stand ready with my 
helmet on!

Mike Rossi   MFROSSI -AT- worldnet.att.net

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