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PC: PC Post -Reply

>From Kelly:
Does anyone know when the first PC Post was published and
how many, how frequent? I'm trying to get a collection together
and need to know how many issues I need. Anyone have doubles
to sell?


As recently mentioned, the PC Post was published throughout the
life of the railroad.  For the most part is was monthly, but many
issues were put out covering two months.  Some of the 1968
issues came out 2 per month.  There is no pattern to this.
I'm only a few issues short of  a complete set.  Does anyone
have the whole series?

For those not too familar with the PC Post:

I've found they provide a great chronological record of the changes
the PC went through, especially regarding the leadership.  Of course,
this is from the perspective of the company, so you wiil not find
anything nasty about those officers who departed the company.

There's not a whole lot for the modeller, though I did build a Ford
cab over style tractor with the PC herald from one picture.

For those who like PC bric-a-brac, many ads can be found
featuring items offered for sale to the public.


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