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Re: PC: Worms, PC Post

Countryman, Kelly wrote:
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> > From: Countryman, Kelly <kelkel -AT- torchlake.com>
> > To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> > Subject: PC: Re: Re: PCHS Newsletter feedback
> > Date: Saturday, November 07, 1998 1:25 PM
> >
> > I agree, the PC covered alot of area, believe it or not they even run up
> > here in northern Michigan.
> > How about "PC Worms"?
> I submitted this tongue-in-cheek, but after looking at it I like
> the name for a column in the newsletter.
> Really, PC Post, is by far the best.
> The Pere Marquette Historical Society names their publications
> PM Rails and PM Tracks after former Pere Marquette Railroad
> publications.
> Does anyone know when the first PC Post was published and
> how many, how frequent? I'm trying to get a collection together
> and need to know how many issues I need. Anyone have doubles
> to sell?
> Kelly
It was published all the way thru the PC  it was a continuation of
Pennsy Post the PRR magazine   The NYC magazine was called Headlights
 It lasted up to the end March 1976  I have the first and last
 issues  You can find them at train shows , although I imagine
  the price will be going up
 Hope this helps
 Henry Frick  Ft Worth TX

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