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PC: Worms, PC Post

> From: Countryman, Kelly <kelkel -AT- torchlake.com>
> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: PC: Re: Re: PCHS Newsletter feedback
> Date: Saturday, November 07, 1998 1:25 PM
> I agree, the PC covered alot of area, believe it or not they even run up
> here in northern Michigan.
> How about "PC Worms"?

I submitted this tongue-in-cheek, but after looking at it I like
the name for a column in the newsletter.
Really, PC Post, is by far the best.
The Pere Marquette Historical Society names their publications
PM Rails and PM Tracks after former Pere Marquette Railroad

Does anyone know when the first PC Post was published and
how many, how frequent? I'm trying to get a collection together
and need to know how many issues I need. Anyone have doubles
to sell?


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