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PC: PCHS Newsletter title

PC Post sounds good,except when shortened to the acronym PCP it then becomes
the name of a controlled substance. It also could mean Politically Correct
Post or some other bad interpretation of the title. I was trying to think of
some non-geographic connotating titles,but this is difficult. Yes the PC ran
into Chicago and across Indiana,Illinois, and low and behold into Kentucky.
But by and large PC and even to this day successor Conrail, was and is
viewed as an eastern road. Where is this leading?
How about some non-polarizing(NYC vs PRR) train title?  Or how about some
common control point #?  I am not that familiar with the PC to know enough
nuances to throw out a lot of choices. That's why I'm on this list to learn
more about the PC. I just feel that PC Post sounds like a journalists'
copout title,which it may have been. Y'all may fire when ready!!!

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